Fall Season Picture Season

Tim Renshaw
Published on September 23, 2015

Fall Season Picture Season

Fall Season Picture Season

Pictures Now, Sell Later

I couldn’t write this article’s headline without thinking of this famous fall argument between Bugs & Daffy. Go ahead, a solid chuckle will do you good!

Here in the Forsyth County area of Georgia, fall is waiting in the wings, ready to burst forth in a blaze of color. Fall season is picture season! Bad news is that blaze flashes briefly then winter is just around the corner. Good news is that now is a great time to take pictures of your house regardless whether you are interested in selling now or not! I strongly advise you to take pictures now, sell later as there really is no Bugs and Daffy debate in this case between fall season picture season.

Why? Three reasons:

  1. Because fall is a season when your curb appeal is maximized vs. say, between November to March. Use the splash of fall colors to your best advantage both for interior and exterior pix. You may not want to use all fall pictures in a listing presentation, but having some pictures from various seasons is a great way to help online shoppers picture their favorite season in your home!
  2. You don’t know when you may decide / need to sell your home. Even a professional photographer can only do so much with a yard of dormant, brown grass, no leaves, nothing blooming, etc.
  3. Staging of your home begins online! That’s right, most people are going to see pictures of your house online before they come see it in person. Given that Staging is Storytelling, you want to begin telling your property’s story beautifully right from the first impression. Consequently, you want pictures that really POP and show your home in its best adorned glory!

Consider these pictures below in the animated gif, that were taken around my home at various times of the season. Easy to see why the “green spring” and “colorful fall” pictures will be the ones I use to highlight the house’s “online curb appeal” when the time comes to sell, eh?

Fall Season Picture Season - Pictures Now, Sell Later - Tim Renshaw

Ex. Good pix, wrong season pix and plain, ol’ bad pix.

Remember when you sell your house, you are competing for the minds and schedules of buyers and agents!

You want your home to not only be on their “visit list” but be the one they put at the top of that list.

You want them holding a printed picture of what your house looks like most of the year even if they are in fact standing there on a cold, dreary January afternoon.

Don’t forget that time of year matters even on indoor pictures.

Those stunning views you have around your house are part of the interior space framed by your windows and window treatments.

Flowering trees through your great room window will do as much or more than all the other artwork you have in that room to wow your prospective buyers!

The pictures here were taken with a simple phone camera. Imagine how much better they would be when taken by a professional with serious equipment and skill with f-stops and other things I never bothered learning about photography! I work with several top photographers and would be happy to make introductions so you can take advantage of fall season picture season opportunity.

Fall Season Picture Season

Fall Season Picture Season
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