Summary of a Marketing Plan that Works:

Marketing your home requires much more in today’s market than getting listed on a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). It requires a comprehensive and effective plan. This means your real estate agent should invest with you to accomplish both our goals: Getting your home sold quickly at the highest price the market will support!

Determine the right list price: This is critical to maximize your sales price and minimize the amount of time your house is on the market. Pricing it correctly from the beginning is critical!

Your Real Estate Agent should invest with you up front: You are placing one of your largest assets into a real estate agent’s hands. That’s a huge investment of trust, time and $$. Is your agent similarly investing and putting their “money where their mouth is” with you?

Strong, effective use of technology: It should be no surprise that buyers start on the internet. Your agent needs to be where your prospective buyers are and be able to take your home directly to them.

Sellers: Continue reading below for full details.

Buyers: If you are looking to buy in the Forsyth County or surrounding area, you can begin your home search right here, right now, on this site! Create and save searches, get email updates and more! Search Here Now!

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Tim Renshaw’s Sales Marketing Plan Details

Determine the right Selling Price!

The national, and more importantly, local real estate market has recovered. That’s great news!

Word is out that locally in north central Georgia we are in a Seller’s Market! Two things are happening as a result:

  1. Houses are moving quickly as demand is much higher than inventory (number of houses for sale). See the Days To Sell Average for Forsyth County, GA as an example. These houses are also selling very close to their Original Listing Price.
  2. Sellers and some agents are consequently over confident in the state of the market and over-pricing their homes. Note the number of Expired Listings is still in line with prior years when homes weren’t selling as well.

As you would expect over-pricing even in a seller’s market causes houses that really should have been sold ended up as expired listings. Comparables (comps) are fine, but leave too much room for interpretation, debate, haggling and disappointment. This leads to homes not selling that really should have. Find out what the right price is right now with a solid appraisal!

  • Sets your expectations for a proper list price.
  • Sets buyers at ease knowing the pricing is realistic… and able to be financed! You know you have to sell your house twice, yes? Once to the buyer. Once to the buyer’s lender.
  • Increases interest in your property and the possibility for multiple offers with a stronger bargaining position for the seller.
  • Reduces negotiation times.

Here’s a good example. On one of my recent listings had the following “valuations” available:

Home Pricing Comparison - Tim-Renshaw, Realtor

That’s quite a range of valuations based on comparative algorithms. (Side note: Next time you chat with a real estate agent and they rage about Zillow estimates / Zestimates, you’ll understand.). Each of these valuations came with a “range” of prices that were quite wide with even more room for error. This house was on the market with another broker for six months with an average listing price just 4.36% higher than the appraisal. The appraisal generated immediate and effective traffic with two full price offers in 13 days! Don’t go with “your gut”. Unless you live in a neighborhood where the houses are all very similar and a lot have sold recently (last 90 days), reliable comps are going to be difficult to come by in this volatile market. Remember that real estate agents are not licensed, certified appraisers. Buyer’s lenders do not consult agent comps to determine what they will lend on a property.

Go with the same valuation method that your buyer’s lenders are going to use. Get a professional appraisal!

Your Real Estate Agent Should Invest with You Up Front.

In any sales transaction all parties in a solid, productive deal should not only have something to gain, but something at risk.

You are placing one of your largest assets into an agent’s hands. That’s a huge investment of trust, time and $$.

Your agent should also invest and have their “money where their mouth is” with you in:

Obtaining an appraisal.

Staging your home inside and out.

Professional photography including video when appropriate.

Marketing to the entire sales channel. What’s the largest pool of salespeople or channel for selling your home: a single agent, the agents in even the largest brokerage firm or all the agents in all the brokerages in the area?

I offer a higher percentage of commission money to agents bringing buyers for a quick sale than I earn from the transaction.

If I don’t perform in getting your home sold quickly, I reduce my commission rate.

Active online and offline marketing.

This investment I make with my clients can quickly add up to thousands of real $$ invested in the sale of your home. Getting your home listed and a sign in your yard is just the beginning of marketing homes in today’s market!

Strong, Effective Use of Technology

How do buyers find homes to purchase? No surprise, they start on the internet!


Use of Internet Home Search by Age

Use of Internet to Search for Homes NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends - Marketing Plan That Works

Where Home Buyers Find Homes They Purchase - Ttim Renshaw, Realtor

Your agent should be technically savvy to ensure your home is marketed where buyers are searching. This requires more than a website, as important as that is, after all you’re here on my website, eh? Your property and your agent need to be where the buyers are!

Internet Presence - Tim Renshaw

Internet Presence 2 - Tim Renshaw

Before becoming a real estate agent I spent 25 years as an IT (Information Technology) professional. The last 12 of those years I spent in marketing and selling IT security products and services. I know intimately not only how the internet works, but how to market your home effectively using technology and how to do so securely.

As seen above, your home will be where buyers and their agents are (MLS, real estate portals, social networks, etc.) and on whatever device(s) they use; PC, phones and tablets!

I use technology such as digital signing, texting and email to streamline paperwork processes and maximize communications throughout the entire process.

Marketing your home requires much more in today’s market than getting listed on an MLS. It requires a comprehensive and effective plan. This means your agent should invest with you to accomplish both our goals: Getting your home sold quickly at the highest price the market will support!

I would value the opportunity to share how we can put this plan to work for you!

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